Cooking Classes

Adult – Individual or a Couple – $200.00/session
Customized to Individual Dietary Restrictions and Requirements
We will have a 2 1/2 hour in-depth session in the comfort of your own home learning knife skills, cooking techniques, how to create recipes for your family by using what you have in your pantry and refrigerator, evaluate cookware and small appliance needs and wants to streamline your kitchen to help you create the healthiest and tastiest meals for you and your family. During our class we will cook two full meals, one for that evening for dinner and one for “leftovers” for either lunch or dinner the following day.
You will also receive Recipe Booklet with Additional Recipes and techniques on how to streamline your weeknight meals
*price includes food for up to 4 family members, additional charges for larger families


Pre-Teen and Teen Individual – $65/session
Customized to Pre/Teen’s Dietary Restrictions and Requirements
We will have a 1 1/2 hour in-depth session in the comfort of your own home, learning knife skills, cooking techniques and take a tour of your kitchen, so you teenager will understand how to utilize the appliances, small appliances and utensils in your kitchen. They will learn how to cook 1 meal for themselves and their family and learn one snack, so they can have healthy option for those after school hunger pangs. And they will learn more about how nutrition helps their performance in school, on the field and other extracurricular activities.
*price includes food


Group Adult Classes/Dinner Parties – $80/person
This is a hands-on, interactive cooking class in the comfort of your own home for 3-8 Adults. You will prepare a meal as a group while learning knife skills, nutrition and food choices guidance and receive a Recipe Booklet of all the recipes made that evening as well as basic nutrition information for you to review to help you make the best decision for you and your family.                                                                                                                                  *additional charges may apply once customized menu is selected by the host


After School Teen and Pre-Teen Group Class Session                                                                         6 or 8 week session – $30/person per class
Classes are 1 hour with 4-8 participants ages 5th grade – 12th grade
Each class provides a meal or snack. Students will learn about kitchen safety, knife safety and how to prepare and cook a variety of proteins, grains vegetables and how these foods help from a nutritional standpoint as well as a deeper understanding that a healthy diet is imperative for high performance in school and extra-curricular activities.
At the end of the last class students will go home with a Recipe Booklet with all recipes used during class plus additional recipes for them to try at home and nutritional and lifestyle tips.                                                                                                                                              *price includes food

Have Cooking Questions?  

By appointment only – $20 for every 15 minutes                                                                           Let’s set up a time to have a Zoom Call or FaceTime to discuss all your questions. I am happy to help you walk through a recipe or answer any questions that have been keeping you from making the best choices for you or your family.

Coming Soon!

E Book with 45+ recipes and health and wellness tips

Cooking Videos 


Wellness Consultations

For Adults 19+

Are we a good match?                                                                                                                                15 minute discovery call; I will assess your overall health goals and we can decide whether we want to work together, free of charge
Inaugural Session – $250 – Health Assessment Questionnaire and 5 days’ worth of a Food and Mood Journal submitted 48 hours prior to appointment.
We will spend 1 ½ -2 hours delving deep into your goals, how we can reach those goals and the steps in which to take. We’ll assess lifestyle, food, home environment, possible nutritional deficiencies and how to address those.You will leave your appointment with recommendations and a plan to take steps towards reaching your goals.
Follow-Up Appointments: 1 hour – $125 – Updated Health Assessment Questionnaire and 3 days of a Food and Mood Journal submitted 48 hours prior to appointment. We will assess your progress and adjust your plan to get you closer and closer to your goals.
Follow-Up Phone Consultations: 30 minutes – $65 – We’ll talk about your goals, progress and any adjustments to make your journey a success.


For Pre-Teens and Teenagers 5th Grade – 12th Grade

$175 – 90 Minute + 2 30 Minute Follow-Up Appointments – Health Questionnaire and Food Journal to be submitted 48 hours prior to each appointment. We’ll assess lifestyle, possible nutritional deficiencies and discuss a plan to reach those goals. Parents are to help the child fill out paper work and discuss prior to the appointment any expectations and concerns for your child’s health and wellness.


**Virtual Appointments for Wellness Consultations and Add-Ons available via Zoom or FaceTime


Pantry Overhaul and Grocery Restocking – $100
We will take a look into your pantry and refrigerator and remove the items that are not loving on your body or re-arrange to make it family-friendly and a section for you to keep your items that will bless your body. I’ll come up with suggestions for substitutes and give a list of items to add in your grocery cart on your next shop expedition.

Home Environment Assessment – $100
We will take a look at your home environment and make suggestions such as Blue Light Blocking glasses in the evening, to changing from non-stick cooking pans to cast iron or stainless steel or even taking a look at the cleaning and beauty products that are used in the house as well as the outside environment such as how close you are to cell towers or other toxins that could be affecting your overall health.

Customized Meal Plans – $60/for 5 days                                                                                              After assessing your lifestyle and your nutritional needs, I will develop recipes and grocery lists customized to you!

Weekend Wellness Workshops

Do you have an organization, group, gym that could benefit from a half day Weekend Wellness Workshop? We’ll cover basic health and nutritional guidelines, we’ll talk about the impact that food and your environment have on your overall health and wellness and end the session with a light lunch catered by me! Email me for pricing and availability.  Max group size: 25 people


Food Styling & Recipe Development

Please contact me at to learn more.


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