I believe in the healing powers of nutrient-dense foods!


Hi! I’m Allene and I help struggling home cooks to quickly create nutrient-dense meals that give them great physical and mental clarity so they increase their productivity and achieve their life’s biggest goals. 


Unlike complicated recipes or expensive prepared meal services, I teach clients cooking skills and techniques combined with organization and flexibility so that they can confidently cook nutrient-dense meals that they and their families love!


Do you dream of waking up each day energized and ready to begin your day with mental and physical clarity?


How would it feel to make dinner each night and know that it can help nourish your body while also delighting your family with a delicious dinner that they will actually eat?


Do you think that eating healthy is like eating dry leaves and cardboard and you know that there has to be a better way to eat and feel great?


Are you ready to discover what foods make your body feel the best and how to prepare those foods so that you can enjoy each and every morsel? 


I too have struggled with my health: weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, the mid-day slump, craving caffeine and sugar, and been way too stressed out! 


Being a chef I even prided myself in the fact that I was making delicious food at home, however, I essentially ate what I call, “artisanal junk food”. It was well-made, delicious, and beautiful, but while it wasn’t fast food or microwaveable meals, it still wasn’t nourishing my body the way that food should!  


I learned that the best way to get my health back in-check was to take control of my kitchen and unfortunately,  I had to learn this lesson twice! I gained the knowledge that foods have healing properties and how you prepare them makes a huge difference in how healing they can be!


My first foray into learning about cooking was in college when I picked up a Cooking Light Special Issue. I gained confidence in the kitchen by mastering a handful of recipes, and I started feeling energized, slept better and my grades even improved exponentially! (It was college, so you know there was also plenty of pizza, too!)


Ironically, the second time I felt my health decline was when I worked for a local publishing company and a part-time job as a Chef Instructor at Sur la Table. I was cooking all the time and didn’t want to cook dinner at night! I love a good charcuterie board and wine for dinner, but every night wasn’t such a great idea! 


While teaching at Sur la Table, I was surprised to learn that most people can follow a recipe, but they really do not know how to truly cook or understand kitchen techniques and skills to make it fun, speedy, and safe!


I also discovered my gym friends were spending tons of money on meal prep services, ready-made meals, and other healthy alternatives to fast food in order to reach their goals. All of them complained about not having enough time to cook or just didn’t know how to cook delicious healthy foods. 


I truly believe that learning to cook, and learning to understand your body is the key to allowing your body to heal through food!


The clients I have worked with have said they never realized that healthy food could also be delicious nor did they realize how much fun they could actually have in the kitchen! One client even said that she never thought her kids would actually eat Brussels sprouts!


Why Me?


I graduated from the French Culinary Institute* where I learned classical French techniques. 


I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, trained, and certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association. We believe in a whole, real foods approach to nutrition and focus on healing the body from within. 


I also have a BA in Economics from Southern Methodist University; so I fully understand how healthy cooking can be budget-friendly!


I have worked under James Beard award-winning chefs such as Bobby Flay and Frank Stitt, and have been a food stylist and recipe developer for 7 years, where I worked on magazines such as Cooking Light, Southern Living, Real Simple, Eating Well, Health, Shape, Cooking with Paula Deen, Taste of the SouthBirmingham Magazine, and many more! 


I want the best for you!

If you’re willing to learn, I can teach you all of my strategies, tips, tricks, and techniques to help you create nutrient-dense meals so that you can heal your body, stay energized, and keep your mind clear so that you can accomplish your biggest goals!


Cook with ME!