This 90-day personalized experience is for the Home Chef who desires the highest level of personal attention. You will receive one on one support. We will assess your culinary skills, take a deep dive into your nutritional evaluation, create a plan for your pantry and refrigerator, and of course, work in-depth on your cooking techniques so that you become confident in your kitchen and you can fully understand what foods bless your body in a way for you to thrive and live the life you want to live! Click here to join the waitlist!

COMING IN 2023! An 8-Week Transformative Culinary Academy that gives you the tools and tricks to utilize kitchen and nutrition techniques to become the Savvy Home Chef. The Savvy Home Chef understands their body’s own needs and knows how to use their kitchen skills to create delicious meals that you and your family will love for sustainable and long-lasting health!



COMING in 2023! In-depth Culinary 3-day Retreat. Spend time learning from local chefs, explore a vibrant city, escape your busy life by participating in activities such as yoga, hiking, and seeing local sites. Retreats to be held in cities such as Asheville, NC, Nashville, TN, Chattanooga, TN, Charleston, SC, and many more! For more information, click here to Get on the Priority Notification List to be the first to know when these retreats are opening up!

Food Styling & Recipe Development

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