Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the few fruits native to North America along with cranberries and Concord grapes. They can be found growing in the wild especially along the east coast. I have been blueberry picking in Mentone, Alabama where there are bushes covered with this plump, juicy berry just about in every yard. Each summer I looked forward to picking them and freezing for the winter-time when I craved blueberry muffins. This summer enjoy these beauties fresh and whole knowing that they are delicious, bursting with flavor, and packed full of nutrients that our bodies can use to thrive.

They are packed with Vitamin C, K, B12, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorous, sodium, folate, and multiple antioxidants. With off these nutrients the berries are known to help reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, fight cancer, help blood glucose and insulin levels, helps to improve your digestive health, increases cognitive performance, strengthens bone health and immune health. As you can see, blueberries are a wonderful summertime fruit to enjoy. I personally eat blueberries almost every morning during the summer months. They help to keep me feeling full and energized before lunchtime!

Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up some fresh blueberries, or take a social-distancing excursion to fresh pick blueberries.