Foundations of Living Joyfully

Each and every day I believe that we are capable of finding joy in our lives.

Each and every day we should wake up feeling as if we can make a difference in our world. Our world may be as small as your own little home or as big as you could possibly imagine (for me that’s pretty large). I also believe that every day we can choose joy or we can choose another emotion. By choosing joy, we tend to be more generous, more helpful, easier to get along with, and become more appealing. People are more likely going to be drawn to you when you exude joyfulness.

Power of Presence:

Being present in your day is a great way to acknowledge joyfulness. If you are more aware of your day rather than rushing around and waiting until the next moment, then you are better able to look for the good things that life has to offer. You’re better able to find gratitude in the moment and you’re better able to handle any situation. There is a reason you hear the phrase, “stop and smell the roses” or “appreciate the little things”. When you let life go by so fast that you don’t realize what is happening around you, then you are subject to allowing life happen to you. When you live your life as if you are present then life happens for you, not to you.

Be present, take a deep breath and count your blessings as they come along.

Eat Mindfully

Everyone has eaten in the car, shoveling food in their face trying to get to the next class, appointment or meeting and everyone has grabbed just whatever they can find at that moment to get the through the rest of the day. There are plenty of times when we cannot eat mindfully.

However, I do believe that most of our meals should be consumed when we become connected with our food. Food is so much better enjoyed when we slow down and savor every bite. When we do this, we think more about what we are eating, which can change a diet of hurried snacks to a diet of true healthful, wholesome meals. Look at your plate, take in the colors, waft the aroma of the food to your nose and taste every flavor. Food was meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy it!


Graceful Movement

You do not have to be a beautiful ballerina or a skilled yogi to be graceful. There is grace and beauty in all types of movement. All movements serve a purpose.

Our bodies were meant to move; not to sit down for long periods working at a desk or lounging on our sofas every day bingeing Netflix. We all have to work and sit in front of our computers and who doesn’t love a good Netflix sesh? Modern life has allowed us to be sedentary. Movement helps overcome the consequences of our sedentary lifestyle.

Movement comes in so many ways. Crazy intense HIIT workouts, dancing, gardening, walking, gentle stretching or a yoga session are all great ways to move your body. Prayer and meditation are also a form of movement; you’re moving your mind towards openness and acceptance. The beautiful thing about graceful movement is that you are allowed to give your body grace. If you feel like stretching that day, then stretch, if you feel like doing a HIIT workout, then do that, if you feel like just sitting in stillness, then do that. There is no right or wrong way to move, so move your body and your mind!


Live in Community

People were meant to be social creatures. Find your community of friends, family, church family, gym family, crochet family, golf buddies, dog lovers’ society and your neighborhood. Part of being in community is to serve each other. Communities are built on friends and families who support each other. Help the little lady down the street bring her groceries inside. Offer to take the children next door to school because you know their mom has an 8 am presentation or support your gym friend through a difficult time. When you help others you find joy and happiness everywhere. Generosity brings you joy and the only way to be generous is to truly live in community with others.