Live in Community

I believe that community is the foundation of our well-being. We need others and belonging to be lifted up, supported, and in turn lift up and support others. Our mental health is dependent upon community; and when our mental health is good, so is our physical health and vice-versa.

I love spending time with friends and family, like so many of us, I end up not spending enough time with those that I love because I allow my job to take over or take on other responsibilities that fill up my time.

The majority of our time is spent with co-workers and at most of my jobs I have enjoyed the company of my co-workers, however, I prefer the deep, personal conversations I have with my friends and family.

I notice that when there is a gathering in a friend or family member’s home, people tend to congregate in the kitchen. The table is where we are brought together; where we sit and linger and truly enjoy the company of others. Just like many of you, I have had countless hours laughing and joking and crying around a table while dining on amazing cuisine and sipping on delicious wine.

As I look into the current state of our lives and our country, I realize even more so how important it is to partake in community and how this world is need is of community and compassion and understanding.

Traveling the world has given me a much different view of our world. Like all travel, learning about other cultures, foods and their differences had really opened up my thoughts and desires to truly understand other people’s opinions, thoughts, and experiences. An experience is worth far more than just reading about something or watching it on TV. Diving deep into a culture allows you to soak up knowledge and compassion. Food is always what brings us together. No matter where you live, you must eat and most people eat in community.

So, while traveling is far off for so many of us, I am going to be focusing on one country a month to learn how their cuisine has affected American cuisine and what our country can and has learned from those countries.

Our country is a melting pot of various countries, it was built upon immigration. My ancestors immigrated here and more than likely, unless you are Native American your ancestors did too. It is important to know where we came from, but also the potential to where we can be and how we can come together in knowledge, understanding, and compassion and it all begins at the table!